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Betterment. Yarns. Competition.


BetterMan is the brainchild of former athletes' Ged Robinson (rugby for the Crusaders, Highlanders, Hurricanes, Rebels), Todd Astle (cricket for Canterbury, Black Caps) and Todd’s brother Ryan Astle (football for the under-7 Hokowhitu Zodiacs).


As athletes (Ryan is using that term very loosely), we’ve all had the desire to continually get better, which has been further instilled in us by some of the best coaches NZ has to offer including Scott Razor Robertson, Dave Rennie, Jamie Joseph, Mike Hesson, Gary Stead, and Alison.

Now that we've hung up the boots, we're looking to get better in different areas of our life and want you to join us. We'll be running a bunch of events and having yarns with all sorts of people. We're hoping to learn loads, have a heap of fun and laughs along the way, and become better versions of ourselves.


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Interested in the BetterMan team hosting an event, running a workshop or keynote? Maybe you’d like to donate, sponsor or partner with us?  Get in touch with the team today.

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Ged is the youngest of five kids, was known as Gedi Pies during his cricketing days (due to his stature, not what he bowled), has an index finger that looks like a penis, was banned from drinking raspberry fizzy drink as a kid because he got too hypo, was given the nickname Sausage by Stirling Mortlock because of the appearance of his legs, his Mum thinks his older brother should’ve been the one playing professional rugby, and he is a people-person who loves anything to do with growth mindset, positive psychology and helping others be their best.


Todd was a fat baby, played 18 seasons of cricket for Canterbury hence his nickname the Toddfather, dreamt of owning a sweet store as a kid, fainted during year 10 sexual health, loves the number 24, found life after the Christchurch earthquakes difficult so reached out for professional help, is pretty good at carrying drinks, is horrible at diving into a pool and finds it impossible to float, was the U12 Manawatu Tennis singles champion, is partial to a good red wine, and is passionate about giving back and making a positive difference.


Ryan plays at the same cricket club as Todd so is known as “Shit Astle”, was punched by a cop at the Monaco Grand Prix (it’s a long story), suffers from imposter syndrome, loves a good dance party with his two kids, won the Gillette Cup cricket tournament with two different schools, was cursed by a witch in La Paz (Bolivia) for taking a photo of her alongside her llama fetuses and potions, also can’t dive for shit, is a huge KFC fiend, and loves fostering a good team culture whether that be at work or in a sports side.


Having worked in men's mental health for many years I can't tell you how amazing what you are doing is for our communities. It is so so needed and you are presenting the importance of being the best version of yourself in a way that I have never seen done so perfectly before for all the lovely men in our lives. 

Attendee of Quiz & Some Other Shizz


Want to help us to help kiwi men? 

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