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BetterMan is a charity (CC61904) that aims to improve men's wellbeing and mental health, and help them become better versions of themselves. BetterMan is a “fence at the top of the cliff” approach as opposed to the “ambulance at the bottom”, with regular events and engaging talks planned, packed with positive psychology principles to help men move towards, or stay at, the higher end of the mental health spectrum. 


Born from a desire to help men become better versions of themselves, to grow, thrive and foster connection, BetterMan has three core principles that are represented by the easy to remember acronym BYC. Because who doesn't love BYC?

Betterment - Helping others to learn and make improvements in various areas of their life to become better versions of themselves.

Yarns - All of our events will have a component where we talk about some of the tougher topics, lean into vulnerability, and encourage men to talk with and check in on their mates.

Competition - Our background and passion is from a place of competing, we’ll add an element of that to all of our events to build camaraderie and connection.


the founders


Ged Robinson

Ged, who has a Diploma in positive psychology from the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, is the Canterbury Sports Development Programme Manager at Tātai Whetū Waitaha, where he provides aspiring athletes with the tools, skills, and resources to help realise their potential. “Everyone has dreams, wants to be the best version of themselves and succeed in their chosen field – my calling is to help people on this journey.”


Todd Astle

Todd has a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management degree from Lincoln University and founded and runs his own business called Innerspin, that focuses on peak performance mental skills coaching. “I have a passion for wanting to help others and empower and inspire them to unlock their optimal mindset and full potential”.



Ryan has a Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Management from the University of Canterbury and is Digital Marketing Manager at ANZCO Foods. Along with having web, digital and copywriting skills, Ryan is big on workplace culture and spearheaded the formation of a Culture Group at ANZCO Foods and regularly organises events. “I enjoy the dynamics of a team environment and working on how you can connect and pull together towards a common goal.”

Our Patron


Scotty Stevenson

Scotty "Sumo" Stevenson is a popular broadcaster, author, and all round good bugger who was MC and quiz master extraordinaire at our first event Quiz and Some Other Shizz. He's been instrumental in helping us get to where we are today. 

Our Board

BetterMan Board.JPG

our trustees

We're fortunate to have a board comprised of many different skills including Dave Jessep (chartered accountant), David Wakefield (lawyer), Lizzie Scott (psychologist), Tarina Stephens (co-owner of Koha Fitness and counsellor), Jason Wills (Chief Operations Manager of Harcourts Gold Real Estate Group) alongside Ged, Ryan and Todd.


Want to help us to help kiwi men? 

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